Jul 25

Apple released the new version of iOS 5 beta 4,  it says that this version has worked for the first time “Over the Air”. But for this time seems that it doesn’t work and therefore server it still outdated.

It introduced the possibility to choose a security question during iCloud account creation, which in previous version did not work correctly. After that they resolved issues relating to the operation schedule. In particular, the events created with iOS 5 beta 1 were saved were not correctly synchronized with MobileMe.

MobileMe contacts are now eliminated instead of being united with the synchronized by other methods. It was repaired the problem which appeared in the Mail application, when you sending a message containing an attachment, most of times the file was lost and reached the recipient of an email without attachment.

They changed a lot of OpenGL features. That means changes to the games achieved and a series of crashes sites for games that use these functions. It was reintroduced in the Settings the icon of FaceTime, which for many users did not see in the old beta 3.  Now iOS Beta 5 turn off automatically the applications VoIP that generates traffic when there is in background. Host applications are invited to use a VOIP socket to avoid this situation.

The problems from update servers have been repaired during the writing of this OTA update articol and now it works. The screenshot on the iPhone 4 shows how to make the passage from beta 3 to beta 4. OTA update for this new version has only 133MB. Photo synchronization can give problems on iPhone because it only displaying thumbnails and for this reason Apple advises is to recover synchronization.

In this beta 4 is not possible to use your personal function HotSpot through WiFi network from the iPhone 4.  The photographs from iPhone now will be seen in chronological order.  Now icloud besides synchronize contacts, it can offer synchronization of documents and data on different devices connected to the same account.

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