Nov 03

Apple has avoided using OLED technology in its handsets for various reasons but at the same time sought to improve how it works equipped with screens. Apple recently has a registered patent that describes a technology that improves the battery life while using a screen designed with this technology. Basically the main problem for Apple is in the high energy consumption of the screen then displays white when patented technology now seems to solve this.

The relative power inefficiency in display white spaces using an OLED display may be particularly problematic in certain contexts. For example, certain applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet design and use, database design and use, e-mail, and other business or productivity applications, typically utilize dark or black alphanumeric characters on a white background

Apple describes a method whereby an OLED panel should be positioned in front of a background layer with white and translucent OLED panel that could change color to use obsolete layer and to avoid changing the color screen to improve battery life. Briefly, the procedure explained by Apple allows the development of OLED displays that consume less energy and can be implemented in future iDevice‘s. Implementing this type of screen would significantly improve our devices battery life but it all depends on how you work or not the procedure described by Apple.

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