Apr 05

As we share in our news blog frequently Apple is busy with iPad at this time. All of the world is talking about iPad because of iPad’s official present was made in 3rd of April. While everyone speaks like “iPhone is going down after iPad comes.” Apple announced that they will publish a new version of iPhone software.

Most of iPhone users are waiting for a “Multitasking” speciality that enables running more than one application at the same time from Apple as in the past. Let’s see will Apple put this speciality to newer version? Frankly, i don’t hope.

Alright, what do you think about this subject or rather what do you expect from iPhone 4.0? We will be happy if you share your comments with us from comment line.

Note: It’s not a new device that will be announced on 8th of April, it’s only a new version of iPhone software.

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