Jul 01

Speculation on a new model of iPhone launch in September take shape again today after a newspaper article from DigiTimes said that in August, Apple partners will start producing the new iPhone 5. Its launch is scheduled for September and Apple partners increased production schedule in September and October after the official launch. Besides the iPhone 5, the publication says that iPad 3 will be available this fall and will begin manufacturing this new device quite in the same time with the iPhone 5, i.e. in August.

The estimated production of 6 – 7 million of iPhone 5 devices for this fall, a sign that Apple expects significant sales since it is launched so late. If anyone believes in launching the iPhone 5 in a launch of the iPad 3 tablet will be quite hard to believe considering that was the current model was launched in March and the sells are increasingly better. We will keep you up-to-date with the newest information about this.

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  • 1 Jackie Smith Says:

    I’ve heard that iPhone 5 will be released in September 7.. let’s wait and see more about this and then we can ask about iPad 3. More people nowadays are interested in iPhone 5 release.

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