Nov 14

You all know that the Cupertino Company’s engineers are working hard to develop new technologies for our iDevices but also that regular Apple registered patents for some of its research team products. Today I have for you new patents for the new models of SSD battery that would be implemented in MacBook produced by Apple.

First Apple has designed a new battery model for Macs; battery would have six components from the four available in current products. It is clear that Apple wants to significantly improve their Macs battery life but it remains to be seen.

The new battery design clearly illustrates six enclosed battery components in contrast to the current four found in today’s Macbooks. If anything, it would strongly suggest that a lot more battery life is coming to future MacBooks. On paper it should translate to 33% more uptime.

Regarding the configuration of SSDs we do not know much yet. From the drawings submitted by Apple for the authorities in Hong Kong that published patent shows that in future we will see new MacBooks SSD configurations, perhaps of greater capacity and can be faster. Unfortunately many of Apple technologies not ever leave the testing stage and it is likely that in this case are similar things although I’d be glad to see a Mac with a much better range.

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