Aug 02

During last evening Apple has released the first beta of, a web interface that can manage the available data in our account iCloud. From icons and to the presentation of images and even one inspired by the Mail application for iPhone and it seems that Apple plans to work easier for users to understand what each part of iCloud by providing design features like the own terminal.

Web application on offers users access to Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Find My Phone and the new iWork application launched today for IOS. If you log in using an account there you will find all the information icloud of iDevice your site but unfortunately Apple only provides access to application developers for icloud IOS so even now you can login without problems soon this will not be possible. Functions are now available in only because Apple needs to add and applications for viewing pictures, applications saved the backups, documents.

Apple released tonight a new price list for iCloud, prices are very good and is an amount paid annually. All values in GB is added to the 5 GB available free for users, so we speak overall to a very good offer from those of Apple. Expanding the space available can only be made in iOS 5 at the moment.

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