Oct 19

A few weeks ago it has been questioned the issue of the new icloud and of users who have multiple Apple IDs. Basically some users of MobileMe service now have two Apple IDs that are used, both containing separate information, information which unfortunately can not be merged into the phone. When Tim Cook said that Apple is working on a method that could be joined Apple IDs but this method has not yet been released although icloud is now publicly available.

Well, even if we have nothing now, Tim Cook promises that in the near future Apple will solve the problem of union IDs, information coming from a state resident of Luxembourg who spoke on the phone with Apple CEO. The Apple union of IDs would make the opportunity to download applications from the App Store if you have any accounts in several countries and by this method would simplify enormously the life of users.

iCloud could be used on different accounts, but sharing the same information so another plus for families in which there are many iDevice owners. The big problem is that the promise until the end result will go a very long time and came from such a change would require Apple to launch a new version of iOS.

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