Jun 04

A few hours ago there was published an interesting patent by those from Apple aiming to implement a special infrared camera on the future iPhone.

The patent explains that now, in the present, that no other photo camera is equipped with this infrared system and this is limiting the potential of the camera. Apple has decided to implement this new feature, able to connect to other devices made by government agencies, museums, shops and visitors.

For example, a device placed in a cinema close to the screen, can communicate, with the help of its infrared, with the camera mounted on the iPhone and prevent illegal recording of movies. The same can be done at a concert or a museum.

Among others, the patent also includes a series of positive implementations: for example, a museum could create virtual guidelines that are activated by simply framing a picture or an item with the iPhone, or a store that sells cars could benefit of this patent to display all the characteristics of a car on the iPhone.

The potential of this patent is enormous and features of this kind could be implemented in 2012. Just wait and see. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated until then.

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