Aug 13

Apple has a market share (market smartphones) higher than any other devices manufacturer  but the iOS has been left behind Android’s regarding the use of mobile devices. The interesting part comes when we look at profit because Apple makes more money than a many of manufacturers Android combined.

Apple profit collects two-thirds of the entire industry of producing mobile phones and we talk about a company that only manufactures and sells just two models of mobile phones that are sold in 20 million copies but generates a huge profit.

What matters for most of all manufacturers? Money, of course and because Android has a market share of 2.5 times higher then iOS (on the smartphone market) that’s matters less considering that Apple works with money and at this chapter Android is much more under iOS.

For ordinary users it is more profitable to buy an Android device because in many cases is cheaper and support will become old in a few months and will be replaced by another manufacturer.

Android devices manufacturers have to launch new models to stay competitive and profitable but Apple is counting on loyal customers who buy products whether the addition is more significant than the price of production. In conclusion, the Android OS platform is a dozen, available in almost any product but where it counts more, iOS lead detached.

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One Response to “Apple is losing in front of Android but only on paper”

  • 1 yodi Says:

    Well Apple is facing more problems. First of all they are losing market share. So people will move over to other devices. Although in the beginning it doesn’t look like a big problem, it will be soon. A smaller market share means less revenue both from the advertisements as also the App Store revenue. Since 30% of everything sold via the App Store is for Apple. To make things worse several companies have launched HTML5 in browser apps. This will be a huge problem for Apple. Since within the foreseeable future companies that paid to much to Apple will take their revenge by launching HTML apps which makes it possible to run apps on ALL platforms, this will cause people who were unable to move to other platforms because they were glued to the App Store.

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