Sep 01

In this year Apple were registered many patents for various technologies and those from AppleInsider found a new company in Cupertino who have intentions to build a device that will have the cover from carbon fiber or fiberglass . Apple has developed a design that involves casting of multiple layers of carbon fiber to form a casing for MacBooks or iDevice’s, a very strong case to hit but a shell that can be colored according to user preferences.

The application notes that carbon fiber composites offer many benefits, as they can serve as a strong, lightweight housing for electronic equipment. But carbon fiber composites are also typically black, and the fibers themselves are usually visible on the surface of the device.

Carbon fiber cases are much lighter than the aluminum ones used in current MacBooks and would provide a huge advantage for the Apple product line. For years, Apple is also rumored that could make the transition to a carbon fiber housing and providing colored MacBooks that would definitely attract more users. My opinion is that such a technology is still far from being implemented in the MacBooks or iDevice’s, Apple prefers to use materials more durable and more pleasing for the touch / visually.

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