Sep 29

One of the disadvantages of an iPhone device is the lack of an image stabilizer for videos and pictures but Apple is working on a concept that would bring this function on its terminals. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope of our devices Apple says that can develop an image stabilizer for videos at least as good as that existing in other smartphones on the market. Cupertino Company’s intentions are presented in a patent that has been registered recently but that could be implemented in our devices over a very long time.

Motion detection devices can provide metadata that indicates motion effects of a camera during video capture, however, even though the motion detectors provide data relating to global motion of the camera, the level of shakiness between frames is often comparable to the noise level of the motion detector data,” the filing reads. “Such high level of the noise in data prohibits (direct use) of accelerometer data in video stabilization.

The system designed by those from Apple will come into action only in the moments that will be necessary to stabilize the image so it will work constantly during the video recording made by users. The system will decide only based on the information provided by accelerometer and gyro sensors to Apple so it will be those who that will “decide” whether a video should be stabilized or not. I would be extremely happy if Apple would implement an image stabilizer, not only for videos but for pictures too, now remains to see what plans Apple has for iPhone 5.

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