Sep 02

In Q3 of 2011, Apple sold not less than 20 million of iPhone devices, a record for the company in Cupertino, record that assures the first place among the manufacturers of smartphones on worldwide. This number is has little chances to grow in Q4 of 2011 but Apple expected to sell many iPad 2 tablets to the end of September (when is ending Q4 for Apple).

Foxconn company will deliver no less than 20 million iPad tablets to Apple in Q4 of 2011, with 6 million more than originally anticipated and that although Apple only sold in Q3 of 2011 just 9 million tablets.

Apple expects to sell so many tablets in Q4 of 2011 but the ordered of the company stocks will most likely prepared for the winter holiday season when the company gets the most sales. In the conference for the presentation of the financial results for Q3 of 2011, Tim Cook said that Apple has sold all the tablets that you could take and if it had registered more sales would be higher.

Although I do not think that Apple will get even 20 million tablets and in fact will be around 15, I believe that much of this stock will be kept organized so that the winter holidays in the company have long enough units for everyone.

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