Sep 15

Last summer Apple claims to have the world’s thinnest smartphone, iPhone 4 device with a thickness of 9.3 mm. The title of world’s thinnest smartphone was held by iPhone 4 for a few months but CES 2011 brought a series of smartphones that would make you forget the 9.3 mm of Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S II of the Samsung is advertised as the world’s thinnest smartphone with a thickness of 8.71 mm but an governmental agency from the UK it is contradict to those from Samsung and forbids its longer promote of device using this method.

Samsung’s svelte new model is indeed thinner at certain points, measuring in at 8.71mm at its thinnest. It’s a considerable enough difference from the iPhone 4s 9.3mm depth that it would’ve been a clear victory were it not for the Galaxy S II’s 9.91mm thick hump.

Although Samsung Galaxy S II have only 8.71 mm thick in most of the case seems, however, that the bottom of device is a piece that is with 9.91 mm thick, with 0.6 mm bigger than that of Apple.

For this piece of the case was denied Samsung its smartphone also promoting in the UK as the thinnest in the world, a measure that will surely arouse much controversy.After them losing before a German court against Apple here that Samsung had a new defeat in the UK but I believe that the title of the “thinnest smartphone” is more than useless.

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