Nov 24

We have information indicating that Apple would have invested $ 1 billion in equipment with which Sharp would build Retina Displays for iPad 3 and for future iPhone 5 screens. We are talking about a huge investment that Apple makes at the partners factories in the idea to assure a steady flow of screens for iPad 3 with Retina Display that will sell extremely well.

It seems that Apple has managed to get a screen with 330 pixels per inch for iPad 3, all using new technologies to produce screens. This new screen mode will not use IPS technology but IGZO, so we talk about a major change for Apple.

Besides iPad 3, it seems that Sharp will build screens for iPhone 5 but it is not known yet how these screens will show. Sharp is one of three producers of future screen for iPad 3 because Samsung and LGD have been named among the winners of contracts with one of the largest companies in the world. Of course, this time the sources of U.S. analysts can not provide exact information about Apple contracts so it could be just dust in the eyes.

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