Nov 17

After a year and a half of availability, iPhone 4 showed us that is the most fragile iDevice manufactured by Apple and the iPhone 4S not differ with anything since it is built in exactly the same way as iPhone 4. Well from the issues of users Apple had something to learn and now develop new ways to make the iDevice more resistant.

We are not talking about replacing the glass case from back but we talk about some systems that should make the pieces more “resistant”. First Apple thought of a polymer material, foam or gel material that would “withdraw” when the device is close to impact, and removing the case to avoid breaking it.

Apple’s solution would have the effect of an airbag that would change the structure of the material during and after impact. Another idea of Apple’s engineers involves chemically treated glass case of our devices, chemical treatment, which should do much more “powerful” over bumps.

My opinion is that if they make from glass will break even if it is blessed in church and the only way to ensure users that will not have problems like that is mounting aluminum or hard plastic cases.

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