Jun 27

Yesterday one of the famous analysts from Morgan Stanley sent by certain investors in a report indicating that the future iPhone 5 will be produced at the end of August and the launch will take place in September. These data come from a visit made by Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley analyst) in Asia at some of the company’s partners who had production quotas for the coming months.

This information is not new but coming from a company such as Morgan Stanley is quite important, reinforcing the idea of launching iPhone 5 in September.

Leaving aside the iPhone 5, and start talking about the possible launch of iPad 2 tablet with LTE technology. You’ve probably heard about the hackers from LulzSec who broke several times the Sony network as well as other websites of government agencies worldwide. They seem to have broken the network of AT&T and published several important documents in which references can be found on a tablet launch LTE compatible with iPad 3. Apparently AT&T would have tested this tablet in November 2010 on its network but do not specify anything about a possible launch in 2011 or 2012. If Apple will release iPad 3 compatible with LTE then we can be sure that an iPhone as “equipped” as they say, will be available soon.

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