Dec 20

It is rumored for over a year that Apple prepares to launch some Macs with Retina Display and today those from DigiTimes announce that Apple could launch a MacBook Pro that has a screen resolution of 2880×1800 pixels.

Practically the screen resolution that the editors from Digitimes are talking about is exactly double from the native one of the existing MacBook Pro of 15 inch, but for now 100% reliable information about Apple’s plans do not exist. Macs of 17 inch have a native resolution of 1080p which is extremely hard to double it, so if Apple will prepare a Mac with Retina Display, the 15 inch model should be the target.

Even if DigiTimes is not talking about MacBook Pro of 17 inch that to be retina ready, the new line of Ivy Bridge processors from Intel is able to support resolutions up to 4096×4096. In Mac OS X Lion, Apple changed some graphics making them compatible with resolutions up to 3200×2000 so the company takes seriously the possible launch of a Mac equipped with Retina Display. It’s hard to say when exactly this change will be important for the line of Macs.

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