Nov 21

Although Apple has implemented in all its Macs AMD graphics cards in addition to integrated Intel, the next generation of Macs could bring those video cards from Nvidia. It seems that Apple has managed to reach an agreement with Nvidia to implement the company’s graphics cards in future Macs to be launched in 2012.

Apple it seems to be apparently satisfied with the integrated graphics cards from Intel and for Macs that have a second dedicated graphics card would prefer to implement solutions from Nvidia instead of solutions offered by AMD.

Yes, your read that right, Nvidia has won the next round of Macs, likely starting with the Ivy Bridge models next spring. About three years after the decision to boot Nvidia out of the company was made, and two years after the first ATI/AMD Macs in recent memory hit the shelves, you will see Nvidia macs reappearing. I guess ‘never’ at Apple means single digit years.

So far the Macs graphics performance was not an object of discussion for users and here Apple need to thanks to the game developers that should not have launched major titles on the platform OS X.

If important games were available for the Mac then I think most users would require better graphics. Applications that use the graphics processing board already the products of AMD are doing well right now. Yet this transition is presented only by way of rumor, but could be very true.

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