Nov 25

Those from Asymco made from the above chart that shows the monetary reserves of Apple in comparison with the companies’ values that produce mobile phones. Apple has in present 82 billion dollars available in the accounts and if we exclude Samsung, Apple could buy the rest of mobile phone manufacturers and would be left about 20 billion dollars to invest on future. Basically Apple has enough money to buy only the mobile division of Samsung or HTC, Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola Mobility and Sony Ericsson together.

In summary, in June Apple’s cash was about 53% of the sum of competing phone vendor enterprise values. Today it’s about 61%. Excluding Samsung, Apple could buy the industry and still have $25 billion left over. This makes the claim that “Apple could buy the industry” even more believable. This analysis is mainly academic.

Of course the above chart refers only to the value of mobile divisions of the respective companies and Apple if want it could eradicate, the competition but only if those companies would be desperate enough to leave them bought at those prices. Apple has an enormous money supply and yet does not have in what to invest the money, although it would require several new factories to produce many iDevice‘s enough to meet the market demand.

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