Dec 13

Siri is one of the most “discussed” functions of the new iPhone 4S device but for now is available in beta version to users. Even so, Apple is working constantly to improve services and would soon bring even on Macs, at least this say an American analyst.

He bases his statements on that right now Apple engineers are looking to improve Siri system and in the information provided by Apple specifies that employment are closely looking for people who know the system Mac OS X.

A second possible explanation for the implementation of the assistance Siri in Macs is in the hypothetical launch of an iMac that I can use as a TV and I could control the system through Siri. Of course this is a very bizarre idea but has been widely discussed by analysts last week.

 Finally the Siri functionality is in part implemented in Mac OS X for years but not in a similar format to the iOS and should not be excluded that Apple to port Siri on Macs but that maybe in next years when the assistant will not be one of the main functions of a recently released iDevice.

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