Aug 20

IOS 5 beta 6 released last nights brings important news that relates with installing of applications from App Store. You know that normally when installing a new application, the App Store application is closed after we push the Install button and we are redirected to the new location of aplications in Springboard.

In iOS 5 beta 6 Apple changed things so that the installing of applications is now in the background without us left the App Store application. Basically we press the button install / update of an application, enter the password, click OK and the application is updated / installed in the background and we remain in the App Store application where we can update / install anything.

Now that I explained the theory, let’s get to the practice. Some users claim that this change occurs even in iOS 4.3.3, others say they have not met this change in iOS 5 beta 6 so it is possible to have part of a change that has to do directly with iTunes and not with the new version of iOS 5.

The process itself appeared only after the release of iOS 5 beta 6, the first who managed to install applications without being close the App Store had iOS 5 beta 6 so the system implemented by Apple in iTunes servers have direct connection with iOS 5 beta 6.

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