Dec 07

Writing this article reminded me of promotions that some companies producing of games for iOS and Android it runs lately. Gameloft and EA Games have provided hundreds of games at a reduced price or even free, in some cases, for iOS platform in Android OS case things are much better. For the platform of Google, the big companies offer promotions much better and I say this because I’ve seen often games available for free on Android and available for a price in the App Store.

There is a very big difference between marketing strategy for the two platforms and at first glance it seems that the iDevice owners are provided “as bad” by these companies. When you offer some games at €0.79 on iOS but give them free Android you will take criticism on you. Unfortunately this did not happen only once but is a normal practice for major game development companies and I think in time they will have plenty to lose.

It is well known that Android handset owners do not really buy applications but owners of iDevice do, but for the different strategy between the two platforms I have another theory. Whether applications for Android are just so terrible that people would not give money on them or take advantage of available companies iDevice owners to buy applications. I do not think that applications for Android are really that bad that can not be sold, so I go on the idea that these companies profit from the fact that in the App Store is buying the applications and does not give too many free things.

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