Apr 06

Amazon has risked and won by launching a 7 inch tablet with Android, but the OS was “covered” by production company. Well, now they could launch a terminal within Android custom, or rather a non-Google Android phone experience.

At first, when the first tablets and Android phones were launched, Google held eager that at least on some of them be the branding Google, but this trend disappeared in the meantime. Obviously, in addition to Nexus terminals, for example LG Optimus Pad tablet had the Google logo on it, from what I remember. Returning to mysterious non Google phone, Ted Morgan, Skyhook Wireless CEO said that the Kindle Fire experiment could be repeated in mobile world this time by a major brand.

It could be a Facebook phone, a Amazon phone or a Techcrunch one? Most of The Verga have indications that Facebook would work on a such items as research and development budget of Zuckerberg’s company has grown significantly recently, with no release in sight. It’s true that we already had some Facebook phones and I mean HTC Chacha and Salsa, but we’re talking about one that is really built around FB socialization.

Ted Morgan seems convinced that some manufacturers does not have good relationships with Google and could seek such a solution. Let’s see if Kindle Fire’s success will be repeated.

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