Sep 23

We all know that iOS software from Apple losing ground in front of Google’s Android and probably do not surprise anyone that the Android OS has a market share almost double the iOS. Those from Millennium had recently published the statistics on the market shares of mobile operating systems worldwide.

The Android software from Google has a market share of no less than 54% compared to only 28% as is iOS and 13% has RIM. Of course we are talking exclusively about smartphone market where Google is king since last year and does not seem to be willing to cede its place.

Although the difference between the markets shares of the two smartphones are high, Android OS has lost 7% of market share in July, dropping from 61% to 54%, a sign that things are not so good for producers. The Android OS lost 7 percent that go directly to the iOS which recorded a substantial increase while the new iPhone 5 has not yet been released by Apple.

The information provided by the Millennium is based on the loads of their advertising banner networks. If iPhone 5 will prove to be the smartphone that tens of millions of users waiting for it then the balance of market share could change dramatically next year.

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