Mar 03

After controversy over iOS applications that have access to users pictures, the problem was identified in Android OS too. Users of Smartphones that cares about the safe of their photographs can’t choose an iPhone or a phone based on Android. NYTimes revealed that you can easily build applications to steal users’ photos.

About the controversy over the iPhone, only applications receiving user permission to access their location had access to pictures stored on your phone. Android is only required Internet connection and a user application can copy all pictures on a server without announcing it.

Google acknowledged the vulnerability and said it could handle the situation in the future. For now, the only obstacle are the terms of use for Android Market store, which prohibit access to “inappropriate” of applications to data stored in the phone.

Even if iOS and Android vulnerabilities became public, was not yet identified any application in the App Store or Android Market built specifically for access pictures from phone.

So, until the problem is resolved, the best would be to not download unnecessary applications. Using the applications required is the safest way of protection!

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