Jul 21

An iPhone 4 survived to a fall from over 4000 meters, after it felt from the pocket of a paratrooper, informs CNN. Although the display behind glass and fourth generation of the iPhone looks great is well known that this design is also very fragile. It seems both fragile but not as we were all tempted to believe.

During a recent parachute jump, Jarrod McKinney forgot to close the pocket, so his iPhone felt from his pocket, at an altitude of 4,000 meters. Once landed, the man used a GPS application in order to locate the device and there was little surprise when he found that it still works. The phone, which collapsed the roof of a two-storey buildings have indeed broken glass, but still vibrant and able to receive calls.

We doubt that there are many phones that could survive from such a height, therefore is even more impressive as the phone in question is the iPhone 4. The device has faced numerous problems since it was announced, one of the most serious being the loss of signal when the phone was kept in its lateral parts. The problem came apparently from the metal strips that works as a side dish for the device.

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