Mar 23

We have recognized Super AMOLED technique with Samsung’s cell phone Wave which is used OS. Samsung has released a video that is showing the format of the work Super AMOLED technology.

Let’s analyse the Samsung S8500 Wave;

• Screen display is extremely bright, texts looks like a razor sharp on the 3.3 inch screen.

• Images and videos is watched like a Full-HD television.

In short, S8500 Wave is different from other mobile phone screens. Infact, differences are emerging other AMOLED devices.

”The Harvest” Game is Dazzle Eyes Which Phone is Designed For Windows 7

Now, mobile devices are being used internet tablet, an advanced media player and a game console. However, we will play the games very different with Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft has released the game has a 3D interface.

WP7S games, along with Direct 3D graphics developers also manages to reach an entirely different dimension. Moreover, you can use camera, GPS and Wi-Fi seamlessly in the game.

The Harvest game is developed for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft said: Development of the game lasted for 21 days. Let’s look at Windows 7 Phone how will against us except advanced graphical featured games?

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