Sep 22

Al Gore, former U.S. vice-president and member of Apple’s board, announced today that iPhone 5 will be really released in October. iPhone 5 could be one of the devices that Apple is preparing now because Al Gore says that more  iPhone devices will be launched next month.

The statement was made by him at a conference in South Africa where he talked about the launch of several iPhone devices in October of this year but do not know if it’s iPhone 4S/5 or 5 and a model of iPhone 4 with 8 GB.

There is always the possibility that Gore misspoke, of course, or was just making statements based on the rumors that are already out there, but it seems like a pretty big mistake to make at a public conference.

Interestingly, a member of Apple’s board would talk openly about this subject and says that the new products will be launched. Given this confirmation comes from Al Gore, is 100% sure that we have at least one iPhone device available next month, now only remains to know when it will be released.

Today the people of All Things Digital today announced that on October 4 will be held, the conference presentation of iOS 5 and iPhone 5, now remains to see if their prediction will become true.

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