Jun 28

The new notification system implemented by Apple in iOS 5 seems to have sparked the interest of many developers in the jailbreak community, officers are now launching tweaks of the most interesting/strange kind.

In the above picture we have presented a tweak that will change the future display of the alert calls being received. If someone calls us now when the screen is locked, this tweak will move directly into the status bar that displays the call being received like any notification received by us. The status bar will appear that little bar that is past the contact name, his picture and two buttons to accept/reject the call.

The idea is very interesting and very useful from my point of view because if we receive a call you do not want to accept you do not have to wait for unlocking the screen but we can see the task quietly resolved. The downside is that in terms of graphics the tweak looks quite strange but I am sure that by the final version will be improved. One such tweak I find extremely useful and I think many will see it with the same eyes.

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