Sep 21

There seems to be a new mobile operating system war so soon. Here’s a new attack that can affect to market.

As we know Vodafone was working on a mobile platform based on LiMo; but they couldn’t success. But now this situation is a bit different nowadays. Although there are some open source mobile operating systems, big rivalry in the market will encourage increasing this number.

There will be a new member from European Operators to mobile operating systems like Brew, Bada soon. Vodafone, France Telekom – Orange, Telefonica, Deutche Telekom are preparing for a meeting under a same roof.

European GSM giants are planning to design their own mobile system. There isn’t enough information about system’s features, plans and targets yet; but it’s not hard to guess that this operating system will really effect to market and will be a threat for the others.

Let’s see what is next.

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