Nov 28

Lately I heard more and more about the possible launch of a MacBook Air with 15 inch screen and today we have another rumor that seems to certify such a product launch. Of course the information from DigiTimes, the publication which provided the most rumors about the launch of this product.

It seems that in the first part of next year Apple plans to update the current series of MacBook Air implementing probably the new platform Intel Ivy Bridge but this update should bring and model with 15-inch screen model that is tested more than a year by Apple.

Beside the launching of the new model it seems that Apple intended to low the price of the entire MacBook Air series, something hard to imagine from my point of view. Apple has made ​​a goal from keeping the prices at the same value no matter how many times update a number of products and I do not think that in 2012 will bring anything different in this regard.

Of course now we are talking about rumors, rumor that circulating for over a year on the market and have a real basis in the MacBook Air’s prototype with 15-inch screen that apparently must appear on the market in last autumn but for now was not released.

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