Dec 02

An iPhone 4 caught fire inside a plane that began the landing procedure and now I return with information about another iPhone that has just suffered the same fate. In the picture above we could see the device that apparently caught fire while was on loading on the table of an user. He says it is only at a few inches of the device when it began to pull smoke and then flames out, while it was connected to the computer.

In the morning, I woke up seconds before witnessed the burning of my iPhone when I saw a lot of sparks and black smoke out of the cell. My room was impregnated with an unbearable smell smoke! That moment, turned off the power switch in the room to remove the cell the outlet.

The fault seems to be battery of device which apparently had been lit probably due to a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately this is the second incident occurred just at a few days away from the plane at an Australian company. Incidents like this are rare but when it happens drag all the attention because the world does not expect that a premium device to take fire out of nothing. If you happen, immediately ventilate the room where you are, because the smoke out of terminal is toxic and is recommended that to not inhale.

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