Sep 21

At this moment all the big sellers of accessories for iDevices have at least one model case for iPhone 5 and that model presents a device with 4-inch screen. The cover from the pictures of this article appeared on the internet during this night and of course we can have the impression that the iPhone 5 will be bigger device with a higher screen although Apple has not yet discussed at all about it. The cover from pictures is similar to that Case Mate wanted to sell last week and as you can see allows you to enter an iPhone 4 in it but of course a few mm will remain unoccupied.

In recent weeks had appeared on the internet many such cases but unfortunately we do not have clear pictures of the Apple device. Theoretical the iPhone 5 should have a 4 inch screen and should be thinner than the iPhone 4, but in reality very few people know exactly how it will look the next device that Apple will launch it officially on the market. As we approach to the event we will see more and more such of cases and more and more rumors and I hope that in one of them will be “hidden” the iPhone 5.

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