Mar 30

Those from OneLouder offers the most complete suite of applications designed to meet all social needs of users. Not only that, through their applications available to our powerful tools for increased productivity, regardless of where you work. Far from offering official versions of applications Facebook/Twitter in terms of functionality, Tweetcaster and Friendcaster are the most popular and used applications from OneLouder. They are not the only ones, OneLouder developed BaconReader (very popular client Reddit), SportCaster (sports news Twitter functionality), 1Weather (weather forecast in an attractive format), etc.

FriendCaster is dedicated Facebook application and is available only Andoid with iPad version will be available shortly. Subsequently authentication are greeted by a menu shortcut for quick access to news feed, profile, friends, messaging, photo albums, etc.. The interface is similar to the official Facebook application to keep a note of familiarity. The settings menu is complete. There is the possibility to add multiple accounts, change the theme (dark), enable or disable the “Pull to Refresh” and advanced notification options.

You can synchronize your phone contacts with photo in high resolution. The application includes a widget with scrolling function. Perhaps the most important aspect of this application is fluid. Refresh is fast, everything is smooth and pleasant, without stumbling typical official Facebook application. 2 Additional applications can be installed providing access to chat and photo editing features. Friendcaster is available in free, with adds but subtle enough not to affect the experience. There are Pro version, with payment and no adds.

TweetCaster is certainly the most complete solution for Tweeter. The application is available on almost all existing platforms. Immediately after authentication and authorization are greeted by the main screen and a quick guide to the essential functions. The interface is completely customizable, from color tweets and to issue all applications. Friendcaster As we add more accounts. Application for iOS includes integration level, including system, including iTunes and is optimized for iOS 5. Everything is fluid, we have “Pull to Refresh” practice is not something that we like and do not provide TweetCaster. The application is available on Android in the free version and Pro (paid). And IOS have the same two versions: Free and Pro. It’s definitely an application that tweeter buffs should have.

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