Oct 15

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs has speak about the new data center of Apple’s built in North Carolina, the data center infrastructure that is behind iCloud. In 2009, Apple has promised to invest about $ 1 billion in this new data center and so far has invested three quarters of that amount according to Asymco.

750 million dollars were distributed only for building the construction and fitting the location, not including the amount and cost of purchasing servers or Azure platform that apparently would be the basis for icloud.  Unfortunately, even a few days ago we had a demonstration of how the Cupertino company’s servers can handle downloading some 5 million copies of iOS and SHSH registration for iTunes.

What this level of spending implies is that iCloud (and Siri and iTunes) are expensive. They may seem ephemeral and even trivial as services, but they require a staggering commitment few can make. Apple made that commitment and they made it early on, before the first quarter billion users were even on the horizon.

Unfortunately the demonstration gave us to understand that Apple can not yet handle with the huge traffic without a problem and with millions of users that woke up with various errors displayed by iTunes during the update. Even by investing a huge amount of money in a modern datacenter, at Apple still exists a place for improvement of existing infrastructure.

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