Apr 07

Taiwanese from HTC published the financial results for first quarter of this year, including a decrease of 70% of the profits, but also signs of recovery. Note that after a few quarters with good financial results, HTC began recording towards the end of 2011 marks the decline and that the lack of originality in design and new models. Now with the arrival of HTC One series I expect them to recover.

The data revealed by HTC include net income of $151 million, comparing with 500 million from the previous period. Compared to last year, revenues were about 35% lower, reaching 2.3 billion dollars. In the 4th quarter last year, HTC revenues reached 3.43 billion dollars, so it feels lower. Worth mentioning that if we look just at March of this year, HTC started to grow again, profit climbed to third from the previous, but is still lower than in 2011.

January was the worst month for HTC, which received only 565 million dollars in revenue, nearly 50% less than in January 2011. One series will mark the return of the company and pre-orders have already exceeded expectations, according to HTC officials. The public has a choice: we have an ultra terminal less than 8 mm, HTC One S, a very powerful smartphone, HTC One X with quad core CPU and an affordable phone – HTC One V. Will HTC succed to get out of the bad care? What do you think?

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