Nov 19

The iPad tablet is a mobile device, but 62% of the tablets bought by the consumers are used outdoors. The information comes from a study conducted in 15 countries on 15,000 consumers in the study did find the idea of so-called iConsumator habits. Researchers who conducted the study say that 40 million of iPad/iPad 2 was sold in 2010 and before but more than half of them are used only in the homes of consumers.

Apparently tablets are used in living room and replace personal computers without problems, at least for some users. For web browsing and watching video content the iPad tablet is perfect because it can be connected to a TV without any problems and can transmit content to it. I guess that in your case things are not much different but I’m sure you’ve removed at least once the tablet to “walk”.

I used the tablet outdoors a few times but generally I prefer to use the iPad for browsing because it’s easy to take it with me and do my job without any problems even if it has a smaller screen. At home the iPad tablet replaces the iPhone for gaming but do not replace the PC, always considering that on the computer you can work more easily.

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