Nov 29

A week ago we found that iOS 5.1 could bring more functions for Siri personal assistant and with his help we can take pictures, record videos, open applications, but the first beta version of the new operating system does not let you to understand that this thing will take place. In the changelog for iOS 5.1 beta 1 Apple tells developers of iOS applications that are available a new series of APIs that integrate the applications into 3rd party some system functions after dictation of Siri.

A source confirmed to Ars that a handful of the new iOS 5.1 APIs allow developers to specifically handle the response from Siri’s speech-recognition servers. These APIs don’t allow developers to integrate Siri support for controlling an app the way that Apple has with, say, Messages or Reminders. But it does open up the possibility to better handle text dictation input.

Unfortunately Apple does not give us too much in this version of iOS 5.1 beta 1 but that does not mean that Siri functionality will be extended to the official release of iOS 5.1. Apple has a habit to change things in the last minute so maybe two or three beta versions we shall see later really useful features available for Siria and developers.

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