Apr 14

Once again the Chinese are more fortunate than others, because they have part of the launch of new Desire models. It’s about terminals equiped with Android 4.0 ICS:  VT T328t, VC T328d and VC T328w. The latter was rumored on the web since last month.

HTC VT T328t will be launched by China Mobile and comes with a 4 inch display, an LCD WVGA S plus HTC Sense 4.0 IU as a single core processor 1 GHz, Beats Audio and 5 megapixel camera. Other features include 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory and microSD slot. HTC T328d VC is meant to those from China Telecom, while HTC T328w V will be launched by China Unicom and have both similar specifications but different designs, as shown in the images from this article.

Note the fact that HTC VC T328d and VC T328w are dual SIM terminals. T328w is the only one that curently has a price around $318, and all three Android 4.0 terminals should arrive in stores from China by the end of this month. Unfortunately, chances are high to not ever reach in Europe, that if not purchased any particular retailer.

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