Nov 18

The Apple partners already start to receive the future screens of iPad tablet and now we learn that three million of these screens will be ready for assembly in tablets in early 2012. The rumors coming from Asia and indicate that Samsung and LG have already shipped 1 million high-resolution displays to Apple, the other two million will be delivered by the end of next year. So far nobody knows what kind of resolution will have the screens but since it talks about it, there’s a chance that Apple to change the resolution of iPad 3 but not necessarily in the Retina Display.

Samsung Electronics, LG Display and Sharp reportedly shipped a total of one million units of high-resolution flat panels for next-generation iPads to Apple in October and will ramp up shipments to two million units in November, according to industry sources.

Recent rumors about iPad 3 launching gave as safe the implementation of a retina screen in the next tablet from Apple, of course, there is not 100% secure confirmations to support these theories. If Apple will change the resolution of the tablet, it is possible to find a way to grows with the number of pixels per inch but without a double. I think 2012 should bring an iPad tablet with a resolution better considering that most tablets and Android already offers this and Apple not.

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