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Mar 31

After we find out that Samsung has offered in Korea a consolation Value Pack for Galaxy S that can not receive Android 4.0, now we have the full version of OS’s obviously arrived through informal means on Galaxy S. It is CyanogenMod 9, Steve’s famous custom ROM Kondik.

Note that now, Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen works for Samsung, so it has some advantages, having close contact with other official Android 4.0 Samsung terminals. Thus, we have more confidence in his ROMs than other customized software hackers. The new CyanogenMod 9 compatible with Galaxy S is in the alpha phase and was put on the site servers associated with this ROM. The ROM is created using source code from Google and are offered improved performance and stability for the device so successful in 2010.

Expect many bugs and problems, especially the camera and connectivity, as always happens with alpha’s release. For now we recommend to wait until the software will be finished or even feedback that will be offered enough problems to be solved.

Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3 part series dedicated to those from Gameloft. There’s some time since it’s available for iOS platform but, after many delays, today became available on Android. The third part of the series promises improvement. What is it? Type game hack-and-slash RPG flavor you put in the position of one of the 4 characters available. Pregnancy player is to eradicate, by brute force or magic, various creatures I stand in your way. Unlike the preceding parts of the series, no more action going on underground to the surface but in arenas. Character can be customized in the classical style RPG and the procurement system was introduced in the game. The graphics are very well done, each arena has its own theme. Fluid control is achieved through stick and virtual buttons. A title worth the wait. Be careful, the game takes about 500MB space. I recommend to download using the wireless connection. It’s free on Play Store. Enjoy!

Mar 30

Those from OneLouder offers the most complete suite of applications designed to meet all social needs of users. Not only that, through their applications available to our powerful tools for increased productivity, regardless of where you work. Far from offering official versions of applications Facebook/Twitter in terms of functionality, Tweetcaster and Friendcaster are the most popular and used applications from OneLouder. They are not the only ones, OneLouder developed BaconReader (very popular client Reddit), SportCaster (sports news Twitter functionality), 1Weather (weather forecast in an attractive format), etc.

FriendCaster is dedicated Facebook application and is available only Andoid with iPad version will be available shortly. Subsequently authentication are greeted by a menu shortcut for quick access to news feed, profile, friends, messaging, photo albums, etc.. The interface is similar to the official Facebook application to keep a note of familiarity. The settings menu is complete. There is the possibility to add multiple accounts, change the theme (dark), enable or disable the “Pull to Refresh” and advanced notification options.

You can synchronize your phone contacts with photo in high resolution. The application includes a widget with scrolling function. Perhaps the most important aspect of this application is fluid. Refresh is fast, everything is smooth and pleasant, without stumbling typical official Facebook application. 2 Additional applications can be installed providing access to chat and photo editing features. Friendcaster is available in free, with adds but subtle enough not to affect the experience. There are Pro version, with payment and no adds.

TweetCaster is certainly the most complete solution for Tweeter. The application is available on almost all existing platforms. Immediately after authentication and authorization are greeted by the main screen and a quick guide to the essential functions. The interface is completely customizable, from color tweets and to issue all applications. Friendcaster As we add more accounts. Application for iOS includes integration level, including system, including iTunes and is optimized for iOS 5. Everything is fluid, we have “Pull to Refresh” practice is not something that we like and do not provide TweetCaster. The application is available on Android in the free version and Pro (paid). And IOS have the same two versions: Free and Pro. It’s definitely an application that tweeter buffs should have.

Mar 29

Germans from Nokiaport have discovered a new Nokia design patent, which looks like the picture below and suddenly evokes memories of a Nokia concept several months ago. At that time still speculate on account of Finnish Windows Phone mobile products and circulated codenamed Sea Ray and Nokia Ace.

Below you can see the the concept for this new device, incorporating a camera button and a stylish metal bar buttons that are integrated to Windows Phone. Patent discovered by Nokiaport bring this rendering and easily remember of Nokia C5-03, especially with that strip of buttons below the screen. In the format of the device, it can be compared with Lumia 610, so it might be a new budget model, with Windows Phone “Tango” and poor facilities.

Anyway that strip with buttons and stylish design make me believe that this terminal could have a higher price, obvious if this patent and the concept has something in common. It is gratifying to see an original design from Nokia, after Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 have adopted the same look as N9. At least Lumia 710 and 610 has changed things a bit, but will be interesting to see a new high-end Windows Phone with a design direction changed.

Samsung will ship 40-44 million Smartphones in this quarter, 50 million in Q2 if Samsung Galaxy S III will be released!

South Korean ET News magazine announced that Samsung Smartphone shipments could exceed 40-44 million units this quarter, and the next three months are announced even more filled. If Galaxy S III shows up on time, then Q2 would bring supplies over 50 million units.

Samsung Galaxy Note seems it was one of the hits that propelled sales of Smartphones and it is estimated that Samsung would have sold 4 million such terminals with 5.3 inch screen in the first three months of the year. And mid range Android smartphones have been sold well, but with the Galaxy S III and his debut in stores, the figures could explode. Expectations are huge, just look how many concepts and images “dropped” appeared on the web in the past two weeks. In addition, rumored and promotion associated with the Olympics, so I expect a massive marketing campaign behind the new Galaxy S.

Mar 28

HTC has introduced the One X and One V phones in Taiwan, indicating that shipments of these models begin on April 2. We find out in advance that on April 5,  HTC One X is joining Europe, the first mobile quad core Taiwanese, which was presented it at MWC 2012 in a hands on experience.

In the case of the One S, it is the thinnest handset from HTC so far, with a thickness about 8 mm, and V One wants to be a follower of Legend, borrowing and that chin and with a unibody enclosure. One S on you I presented at MWC 2012 here, and the One V here. Currently pre-orders for HTC One X units reached 50,000 units and that only the Asian region will begin next week! Given that 4.7 inch display with 720p resolution, 8 megapixel camera with ImageSense technology and quad core processor so that’s the reason why this phone is so wanted.

HTC One X has a price of $706 in Taiwan, while One V will cost half that amount, it seems. ICS handsets running Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0, which brings to 25 GB of storage Dropbox.

Mar 27

As you probably heard, Apple and Nokia are gulfing with proposals for the future format of SIM cards. To understand what it is, we mention that the current format card is known as miniSIM, the iPhone and some other smartphones currently use MicroSIM and the following format, for getting standard setting , is called nanoSIM. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute, is about to vote on proposals from manufacturers of mobile phones.

The two sides were formed around Apple and Nokia. iPhone manufacturer is supported by mobile phone operators in Europe, and the Finns were back on Motorola and RIM. Apple even used a bad practice, quickly recorded five subsidiaries in Europe for the right to vote in ETSI. site managed to get the outline of proposals for standard nanoSIM and you can see below. We now can see them and comment. As you can see, Apple offers a micro plastic around without contacts. Connectors are in the same place as a Minister. Unfortunately, Apple signed conventional design follows a standard design that is required is not the same length to width MicroSIM card to avoid a lock to another slot.

Nokia design was eventually supported by the people at RIM and Motorola and comes with a different arrangement of the connectors. Building an adapter MicroSIM or ministries would be difficult. On the other hand, the proposed nanoSIM Nokia allows fixing a microSD card slot. The proposed Apple needs special support, a tray, bringing slot limitations. What will eventually be the future format of nanoSIM? ETSI will vote for the new design at the end of this week.