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Jan 31

Samsung Galaxy Ace is the solution offered by means of a smartphone from Samsung, between Galaxy and Galaxy mini S 2, both in terms of the specification and sizes.

Initially shipped with 2.2 version, the software now comes with Froyo and Gingerbread 2.3 version. Memory can be increased by adding a microSD card up to 32GB (2GB included).
Navigating through the menu and use the basic function is to urge, application shortcuts are placed directly on the desktop. Auto rotate function has a response time instantly.

– Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
– 5 MP camera with flash, auto focus and smile detection.
– The screen is protected by Gorilla glass, plus resistance to drops and when it is pressed down.
– Dual-band 3G for the city and 900 mh 2100mh for national coverage.
– Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, with the ability to share.
– GPS navigation support Google.
– Install applications directly on the card.
– Preinstalled Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.).
– File Manager and Task Manager installed quickly accessible.


– Does not record 720p only QVGA and at 15 fps.
– Lack of Flash support in web.
– Storage space of only 158 MB.

Jan 30

UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 was officially announced and is ready for release during February.

Samsung presents an improved version of the popular Galaxy S i9000 Smartphone model.

Samsung GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance welcomes us with a refreshed design, which includes a curved screen to use more natural touch interface and 3.5 mm jack connector for attaching your favorite headset. But the piece of resistance is its dual-core at 1 GHz, which raises the performance of Galaxy S Advance at a competitive level to the beginning of the year 2012.

Included first for Galaxy S series, the dual-core processor open new options for the Android operating system, delivered on version 2.3.6 Gingerbread for now, but with the prospect of upgrading to the version Ice Cream Sandwich.

The remaining specifications are almost unchanged from the original i9000 Galaxy S with a 4 inch screen that uses the same Super AMOLED matrix at 480×800 pixel resolution and on its back is also a 5MP camera with 720p resolution recording mode. The Li-Ion 1500 mAh capacity is kept unchanged so that we can expect a slightly reduced autonomy for GT-I9070 and the dual-core processor with slightly increased power consumption.

Samsung GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance could be officially presented next month at Mobile World Congress.

Jan 29

Motorola and Verizon Wireless showed off the first smartphone Droid Bionic at CES 2011. Now, almost nine months later, this high-speed smartphone finally hit the market. It was the first phone to run on Verizon’s 4G network, but it just might be best.

Verizon says taht Motorola Droid Bionic is the thinnest 4G phone, measuring just 0.43 inches thick. It’s a bit bulky side, though, as Bionic Droid stands 5 cm tall by 2.6 inches wide. That’s just about the same size as the Motorola Sprint 4G photon, and is big enough to make a very small aspect iPhone 4 in comparison. As 4G Photon, weighs 5.6 oz Bionic Droid.

While they are the same size, Bionic Droid and 4G Photon are significantly different in shape. If the Photon 4G sports an angular look, Bionic Droid is a more traditional rectangular phone. That’s not a bad thing, however: his face shining glass, slightly curved edges and soft-touch back gray, Bionic Droid is beautiful.

The front screen of the phone is dominated by its 4.3-inch qHD, which has a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels. Screen is certainly large and very bright – is equipped with a coating that makes it easier to see outdoors – text and images looked beautiful clear. But even with high resolution, this screen can not compare with the iPhone Display retina. When viewed side by side, text and images on the Droid Bionic slightly pixilated and grainy were compared with their looks good on display iPhone 4.

Below the display, Droid Bionic has four touch sensitive buttons: menu, home, back, and search. Like the touch screen itself, the buttons are nicely responsive – and they are more attractive than physical buttons that some Android phones such as Samsung Conquer 4G sport.

Bionic Droid includes some standard fare media, such as a basic media player, access to Amazon MP3 downloads, and a YouTube application. You also NFL Mobile App, which allows you to watch live video, access fantasy teams, and more. In addition, phone support DLNA so you can connect to compatible devices such as set-top box.

What’s even more impressive, however, is included in the phone application ZumoCast. It provides remote access to files stored on your PC. When you run the application on your phone and PC at the same time, you can access content wirelessly from your desktop, including documents, photos, videos, music and playlists right on your phone. It is an incredibly convenient way to share content between devices.

Jan 28

The collaboration between LG and Prada to grab before the launch of two mobile phones. On its official name Prada Phone by LG 3.0, the third terminal was officially announced today. Even for a user who is not related to fashion, the terminal is very attractive. Nova screen diagonal 4.3 “480×800 pixel resolution is and boasts a brightness of 800 cd / sqm.
LG Prada 3.0 has a rear camera of 8 MP with LED that can shoot full HD. The housing cover is decorated with Prada Saffiano texture. LG has announced that the phone will receive an update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. LG Prada 3.0 will be commercially available early next year at a price to be announced.

On screen 4.3 “(480×800 pixels) type Nova Plus version 2.3 will run the Android operating system. It will have a specific theme black series handset LG PRADA. Engines is provided by a TI chipset dual core processor at 1 GHz and are available for storage and 8 GB microSD slot internal memory. The list of specifications we find support HSPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 module and NFC. Some stores in the UK have confirmed that they will soon sell LG PRADA 3.0, without subscription at a price of around € 510.

Jan 27

Even if the launch iPad people rushed to criticize Apple’s new device, American PC tablet company succeeded in a very short time to revolutionize the global market trends dictating portables for the next years.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

Writing an email or text with iPad some can be easier if you use these “tricks” for the choice of type. Org,. Net,. Us,. Edu everything you need to do is hold down the “button” . com – will immediately see a menu where you can choose the area you want, not the letter key.

How to display iPad on an external display – video out VGA only

Native iPad main screen can be displayed on a monitor (and this is part of the peculiarities of Apple). The problem can be solved through a jailbreak as those at Cnet say.
Need iPhone (obviously), a dedicated VGA out cable, a monitor or projector (which has VGA input). You need software that makes it possible jailbreak – Spirit. After the jailbreak operation, the screen will appear iPad Cydia icon. In Cydia search (in the Search option) and select DiplayOut (application cost $ 2).
Display out after installing, go to Settings, then Extensions, and here you will find Display Out. I’ll give “Enable”. Connect VGA cable to iPad and you have the picture as desktop wallpaper.