Nov 16

You have thinking that in 2012 Samsung and Apple will reconcile and will forget about the processes that are now on the role of courts across the globe? If so then you know that you cheated badly because Samsung is determined to act sued Apple in more countries next year.

The process will be based on the patents for 3G technologies, ones that some courts have said as part of standard FRAND. The first part of 2012 seems to be the time when Samsung plans to start, most lawsuits against Apple now remains to be seen how many of them will be successful.

Australia Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett today ordered that a trial on Samsung’s claims be held in March. Cupertino, California-based Apple had opposed an early trial, with its lawyer Stephen Burley saying the company needed more time to prepare the case and favored a hearing in August.

Unfortunately there was no way for users to benefit from these legal disputes that eventually will find a vendor that Android handset to have the courage to block sales of iDevice although Motorola hadn’t.

I hope that one day an Android handset manufacturer to ban the sales of iDevice in a particular country to give to Apple to understand that the issues with iDevices and OS are more important than “fighting” on patents.

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