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Sep 30

Apple engineers working on something new all the time and this time the Cupertino Company plans to “revolutionize” hard disk drive industry by launching a product that combines the components of an SSD and a hard disk platters. An application for a patent Apple presents a hybrid device that would have included both components of hard drives and SSD’s internal components, all in the idea of keeping the data safe and to provide high performances for users.

Apple basically describes a hard disk that would work in the system that keeps running raid arrays. The hybrid would have a hard disk in it parts and components of an SSD would be mainly, but the information stored on hard disk platters, they could be transferred to the SSD in the case of shock or in the event that there is a menace on the data integrity. Transfer flash storage environment would provide saving data but would provide a much faster course and access to them until these hard drive components would be replaced.

Apple’s idea is very interesting and very useful but the biggest problem would definitely be the high price of developing such a product. It would be interesting to see available the system in the future and it certainly would give Apple an edge over competitors. On the market are already present several models of hard drives like, so Apple should come with a unique product to conquer the market development?

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Sep 29

One of the disadvantages of an iPhone device is the lack of an image stabilizer for videos and pictures but Apple is working on a concept that would bring this function on its terminals. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope of our devices Apple says that can develop an image stabilizer for videos at least as good as that existing in other smartphones on the market. Cupertino Company’s intentions are presented in a patent that has been registered recently but that could be implemented in our devices over a very long time.

Motion detection devices can provide metadata that indicates motion effects of a camera during video capture, however, even though the motion detectors provide data relating to global motion of the camera, the level of shakiness between frames is often comparable to the noise level of the motion detector data,” the filing reads. “Such high level of the noise in data prohibits (direct use) of accelerometer data in video stabilization.

The system designed by those from Apple will come into action only in the moments that will be necessary to stabilize the image so it will work constantly during the video recording made by users. The system will decide only based on the information provided by accelerometer and gyro sensors to Apple so it will be those who that will “decide” whether a video should be stabilized or not. I would be extremely happy if Apple would implement an image stabilizer, not only for videos but for pictures too, now remains to see what plans Apple has for iPhone 5.

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Sep 28

Do you remember the iPhone 5 carcasses that were released in July by some manufacturers of accessories from China? Well it looks like they were made after a prototype of iPhone 5 that Foxconn would have lost and some manufacturers of cases would be purchased for only $ 3100. The story comes from a blog in China that would be heard from a mobile vendor in Shenzen.

It’s hard to say how true is the story especially as the blog says that the device would have a design similar to that of the tablet iPad 2 but is thicker on the top and thinner at the bottom. Strange is that it would support components of iPhone 4 in it so we probably talking about a very old concept, if the story is true.

Leaving aside the possible prototype iPhone, it seems that iOS 5 is publicly available since 12 October, with two days before the possible launch of the iPhone 5. For now the date is shown only by a title of rumor but it would be truthful if iOS 5 GM will be released tomorrow, otherwise it’s unlikely that Apple will release a new version of iOS without at least 2 weeks of testing. Meanwhile do not forget that on October 4 will take place the icloud conference presentation, iOS 5 and iPhone 5.

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Sep 27

When Apple released iPad 2 has presented this tablet as 33% thinner than the previous model but keeping the same battery life. For Apple iPad 3 seems to prepare something better because recently signed new contracts with suppliers of batteries for the tablets and it seems that iPad 3 will have new batteries, more thinner, with better range.

Taipei, Sept. 6, 2011 (CENS)–With the upcoming iPad 3 to feature a thinner, lighter battery module that is widely believed to be priced 20-30% higher than iPad 2’s, Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp., both Apple Inc.’s contract suppliers of iPad and Macbook battery packs, will hence secure a surefire profit drive for the near future.

The new battery design allows Apple to produce a tablet designed much thinner than now, so basically we could attend in the next year to launch the world’s thinnest tablets. The new batteries of iPad will have a range up to 30% higher, so basically we could get nearly 13 hours of use of the tablet, an autonomy which certainly will not be matched by any other manufacturer too soon.

The recent obsession of Apple to produce thinner devices is as beneficial to users because it offers a new design, which does not require sacrifices liked in terms of functions available in the operating system. By next spring there is enough time but I hope that this information is true.

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Sep 26

A few weeks ago the news of the loss of a new iPhone prototype device round the world, the police from San Francisco search a house were involved the Apple employees. Eventually the incident was found to be about the iPhone 5 device, police from San Francisco is one who unwillingly confirmed this.

The members of the police claimed that an internal investigation in this case will be turned to reveal the involvement of police in search of the house of a man who is believed to hold the iPhone 5 prototypes.

In this investigation, police from San Francisco have asked the bar owner that allegedly lost the iPhone 5 to offer the video recording from the loss night, but they did not return after the request to take evidence.

The investigation carried out now has in the foreground, perhaps, the detectives of the police internal affairs service because a police spokesman in San Francisco did not know anything about videos on demand.

Perhaps those records will elucidate how it occurred, if something happened, and it would be interesting to see if Apple lied, or they really lost a prototype of the iPhone 5. This is the only interesting thing in this case given that more than two weeks should see the device for the first time.