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Jul 31

5. Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

Manufacturers say that Vaulty Hides Pictures Free is the best application dedicated to those who want to hide certain images and videos from phone. Undoubtedly, most of us have at least one picture that we want to hide from prying eyes of the wife, girlfriend and boyfriend. In this case, we can simply install the application and choose compromising files that we want to put the shelter.

4. Flash Player 10.2

The latest version of Flash is recommended for those who want a complete Web experience. Unfortunately, as you know, the flash consumes enough resources, and owners of Android devices with lower processing power will encounter some problems.

3. Facebook for Android

Even the so-called mobile “dumb” without advanced operating platform, integrates today the famous Facebook. Therefore, such application could not do without a system like Android. Unlike the simple versions for phones, Facebook for Android is presented in a format very similar with Web browsers like PC, Mac or Linux.

2. YouTube

YouTube does not need any presentation. Clearly, all smartphone owners should have installed this application. In addition, the interface is optimized for the screen.

1. Kakao Talk

With over 10 million users, Kakao Talk is positioned in the top of Android applications. Those who want to communicate for free with friends, using only data traffic can turn with confidence to Talk Kakao. Group chat application supports an unlimited number of users, including a voice warn to users if they receive a message.

This top of Android Applications is according to the Android Market (until now). Besides them, there is more other useful software that deserves to be included in this top: DropBox and Shazam.

Jul 30

Android is increasingly appreciated by global users. One reason is that Android devices find its place and affordable, not just high-end smartphones (such as iOS or iPhone with Windows mobile Phone 7). Of course, the main reason why people are interested in Android is the large number of applications that can be downloaded free.

For this I create an article with “Top Android applications in 2011” that I considering appropriate for those who want to buy a smartphone with Android. Undoubtedly, those who already have such a terminal already know which are the most popular applications.

10. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer or, in short, ATK is an application that almost all users of Android smartphones is using. Why? Because it solves the problem of memory consumption when multiple applications are open.

9 . Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is very appreciated by drivers in the U.S. and Canada. Program on the map indicates the closest gas stations, but also provides information on fuel prices. Thus, you wouldn’t get fool when you refuel at a higher amount, for a few miles away to give over a cheaper petrol station. Prices are reported even by users, members of the Gas Buddy. There is even a prize for the most active of them.

8.  Horoscope

Astrological predictions lovers will like this application that offers horoscope daily, weekly or even monthly.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

With this program you can send free SMS. The application supports file transfer including multimedia (images, video and audio). The only condition is that the recipient has to be installed with Messenger. For those interested, there are versions of iOS platforms, BlackBerry and Symbian OS.

6. Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader uses a search engine that enables you to download millions of free MP3s. The application has a file organizer.

Jul 29

Accessories that allow us to make panoramic photos using their own devices are not new but Pixeet now brings a new way to perform this function. Pixeet developed a special case for iPhone 4 which allows attaching a device that allows us to make panoramic photos using the iPhone terminal 4. Case for iPhone 4 is simple, like any other but it attaches the device that allows recording panoramic pictures using magnets so you must be a little careful with it when you take pictures.

Of course, the case comes with a special application that connects pictures taken using iOS Wide angle lens for video but unfortunately there is no option to do the same. Recorded pictures can be shared on any of the existing social networks but can also be saved in your computer. To see pictures in widescreen format you should upload the site of the Pixeet offering free hosting for 50 photo for each month. Case of the Pixeet costs only 50 $, an affordable price for quality of the product offered.

What is the biggest problem of the producers with such kind of accessories? Apple seems interested to implement similar features in iOS 5 and iPhone 5. Pixeet said about that: “our pocket sized fisheye lens can be carried everywhere! Instantly and remove the lens mount on your iPhone with our patented magnetic system. Spherical Panoramas, pictures, videos.”

Jul 28

Apple is working on implementation in iOS 5 of a new feature voice control, called Assistant. The new feature was discovered by those from 9 to 5 Mac, with a screenshot provided by a “reliable source”. Assistant is not yet in the current development version of iOS beta 5, so it is likely to be exclusively feature for the iPhone 5. (Just as Voice Control was exclusive for 3GS.)

The leak suggests that in addition to text conversion in speech and ordering the basic functions of the iPhone, the new program also will integrate the technology used in Siri application that Apple has purchased recently. Siri is a free application that uses data stored on your device, such as location, calendar events and many others to find the best way to fulfill your request.

For example, if you say “Find me two tickets to the Transformers movie tonight”, Assistant will find available tickets to a location nearest for you. In addition, the application will have the ability to respond to the user.

According to sources, the feature is still in the process of development and may not be ready in time for launch the next generation of iPhone. May be one of the many programs that Apple is testing. We will wait and see.

Jul 27

So far only rumors are circulating about the third generation of iPad. It seems that the PC tablet will come with a Retina Display, which was initially told that the iPad 2 will have this type of screen and it will have dimensions slightly smaller than previous generations.

Specialists are quite skeptical about the launch of the new product so fast. Basically, iPad 2 was launched in March and will take on average six months of state stores and then comes the next generation.

Moreover, if we think that any product launch is very expensive for the company because of promotion activities and that the public may be tempted to wait six months to buy the third generation of iPad, Apple could have a problem.

According to other sources, the iPad is a upgrade from its predecessor and not a new generation of tablet PC, which seems more reasonable in terms of both cost and in terms of risks assumed by the company.

It remains to be seen how much truth is in these speculations. Apple recently applied with success to maintain public interest through small rumors about its intentions. If that is the key to success we will certainly see the numbers.