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Jun 30

Captoom simplify the way you can organize your expenses. Using existing templates you can create detailed reports. You have to create an account on You can export reports and dates from your account.

List of features:

  • The application protects your personal finance-related data.
  • You can save receipts pictured directly from your camera phone.
  • Synchronize the costs with your web account.
  • Automatically get the location via GPS.
  • Organize expenses in directories.
  • The exchange rate is automatically used for conversions.
  • Multi-currency application support.
  • Download categories directly to your phone.
  • Automatically send reports in PDF, XLS, CSV to your email account.



Download Captoom from App Market. Enjoy! I am sure everyone of us need this application from time to time.

Jun 29

Surprisingly, the Sony Vaio Z announced the recovery model, completely redesigned. The model is ultra-thin, comes with Intel Sandy Bridge and has a dock – Media Dock. In the first half of 2011, Sony Vaio Z model dropped and replaced with portable Sony Vaio S range.

These days Sony Vaio Z announced his recovery, completely redesigned. It comes with a new design, modern and elegant, the hardware configuration is strong and ultra-thin. It is specially designed for professional environments, with a refined finish and fine lines. The new Sony VAIO Z integrates an i7-2620M Intel Sandy Bridge at 2.7GHz, 8 GB RAM and up to 256GB of data storage space on the SSD. The 13.1 inch diagonal screen has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels (1920 x 1080 pixels optional, but recommended), and the integrated video card is Intel GMA HD 3000.

In Chapter connectivity Vaio Z is based on 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G modem, while the range of ports including 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x HDMI, which adds the fingerprint reader and webcam 1.3 MP. Its basic battery provides a range of up to 7 hours and can reach up to 14 hours by attaching the secondary battery.

Sony VAIO Z has a carbon fiber chassis with a maximum thickness of 16.65 mm and weighs 1.18 kg. Operating system is Windows 7 Professional with SP1 at 64-bit. VAIO Z comes with a special docking station – Media Dock – able to accommodate a video card named Radeon HD 6650M with 1GB dedicated video memory. The docking station comes equipped with an optical drive (DVD or Blu-Ray), RJ-45 network port, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, 1 x D-Sub and 1 x HDMI.

Sony has scheduled the launch of the new Sony VAIO Z for July, but still do not have pricing information.

Jun 28

The new notification system implemented by Apple in iOS 5 seems to have sparked the interest of many developers in the jailbreak community, officers are now launching tweaks of the most interesting/strange kind.

In the above picture we have presented a tweak that will change the future display of the alert calls being received. If someone calls us now when the screen is locked, this tweak will move directly into the status bar that displays the call being received like any notification received by us. The status bar will appear that little bar that is past the contact name, his picture and two buttons to accept/reject the call.

The idea is very interesting and very useful from my point of view because if we receive a call you do not want to accept you do not have to wait for unlocking the screen but we can see the task quietly resolved. The downside is that in terms of graphics the tweak looks quite strange but I am sure that by the final version will be improved. One such tweak I find extremely useful and I think many will see it with the same eyes.

Jun 27

Yesterday one of the famous analysts from Morgan Stanley sent by certain investors in a report indicating that the future iPhone 5 will be produced at the end of August and the launch will take place in September. These data come from a visit made by Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley analyst) in Asia at some of the company’s partners who had production quotas for the coming months.

This information is not new but coming from a company such as Morgan Stanley is quite important, reinforcing the idea of launching iPhone 5 in September.

Leaving aside the iPhone 5, and start talking about the possible launch of iPad 2 tablet with LTE technology. You’ve probably heard about the hackers from LulzSec who broke several times the Sony network as well as other websites of government agencies worldwide. They seem to have broken the network of AT&T and published several important documents in which references can be found on a tablet launch LTE compatible with iPad 3. Apparently AT&T would have tested this tablet in November 2010 on its network but do not specify anything about a possible launch in 2011 or 2012. If Apple will release iPad 3 compatible with LTE then we can be sure that an iPhone as “equipped” as they say, will be available soon.

Jun 26

If we limit ourselves by now to think that Nokia will show their first phones with Windows Phone 7 in October at the Nokia World Conference, behold, the wait ended earlier than we had hoped.

The disclosure of the first Nokia phone with Windows Phone 7 was made by CEO Stephen Elop, who by negligence or not showed the prototype that it was in possession of a group of people, who asked not to take pictures in advance.

Even if the pictures are not as clear as we hoped, however, they give us a few precious details. The first Nokia Smartphone with Windows Phone 7 adopt a sober design, the shaped Nokia N9. Construction of housing is slim with rounded edges and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.

On the back of the case we see a camera with LED flash, and the sides we have a flap to adjust volume, dedicated photo button and a switch for the screen lock function.

From the few data available we learn that the prototype codenamed Sea Ray works on Windows Phone 7 Mango, version promised for the users on autumn.