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Mar 24

Samsung Galaxy S2 MiniSamsung’s the newest mobile device with Android has been announced this week, Galaxy S2 Mini.

Galaxy S’s second version had been announced on February in Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. Announcement was called mobile world attention to this special device’s hardware strength.

There was apperead that a special alternative will come to parent level smart phone Galaxy S2 in England. According to these news, Samsung will present a smaller Galaxy S2 to its customers. In this way, Samsung will enter into rivalry with Motorola Droid and Palm Pre 3.

Inside of the device’s specifications, there are 3G download speed up to 21Mbps, 3.7 inch touch screen, 1.4GHz dual core processor, Android 2.3 operating system.

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Mobile market will be waiting for Galaxy S2 Mini impatiently.