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Feb 28

All My Enemies is, in terms, a vertical space shooter. The game walks you through about 12 levels, six planets, 6 large heads attack you when you least expect it, all under a very successful graphics and music. I recommend to play in the subway, especially if you have a better-looking mobile phone with speakers!

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Feb 28

Mr. Runner is a game with an fellow who also runs. The idea is that this should be a running head, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. You are on the way to find and buildings where you hide if you want to survive and as a bonus, if you can admire in cold blood for their architectural beauty.

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Feb 27

It is a very nice game, Brain & Puzzle category. I wanted to talk about this game because has the qualities of a wine: it’s free, play simultaneously and multi-platform (no matter from what phone and what operating system is) and its consumption can leave (or not) great words. I really recommend, even if I played it because Scrable is one of my favorite games at the expense of Monopoly, which I prefer too many real estate developments in recent years.

Download Words with Friends from Android Market.

Feb 27

It’s a game quite well known to those who grew up with an iPhone in their arms. Gender games fans – to throw bombs from the plane in a 3D graphical flavor – will be pleased, especially since the game is free. Android version includes such training, two aircraft and 16 types of enemies physiognomy, let me repeat, with 3D lighting effects, without the folk music orchestra.

Download AirAttack HD Lite from Android Market.

Feb 26

Evac – one of the games that have something that makes you still want to play it. A combination between simple and yet incredibly hard, readily accessible controls and graphics quite rudimentary, but still good. A paradoxical game I would say.

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