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Jan 31

You are on a trip and want to know more about the tourist attractions? Goggles is a famous application from Google that allows searches based on images: logos, artwork, tourist attractions, text, etc..  The only thing you have to do is to make a picture with Goggles and you will find everything related to that important objective.

Download Goggles from here.

Jan 31

Not so it would be very useful to open up your WiFi yourself when you get to work? Or to activate the GPS navigation application automatically when you’re in the car? Tasker is doing exactly that. Automate any task that has to do with your phone functionality.

Download Tasker from here.

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Jan 30

Swype is probably the best replacement for the default Android keyboard. It is a great way to post messages or emails, especially when you want to use only one hand, but you get the same output as a QWERTY keyboard. Basically, you just need to pass your fingers over the letters form a word without lifting your hands off the keyboard. Cool, huh?

Download Swype Application from here.

Jan 30

Here is the version for Android of the popular mobile synchronization service Dropbox. You have on the phone all the files you have in your Dropbox folder on your computer (and, of course, vice versa). Instant transfer of the pictures, videos, audio recordings to your computer without any effort. You can also install applications that do not find in the Android Market with a simple drag & drop in the dropbox folder on your computer.

Download Dropbox from Android from here.

Jan 29

App 2 SD is an application for Android that will allow you to move those installed applications from the phone in your memory card. The application is useful when you do not have enough space in the phone, but you want to download and install another applications. App 2 SD is a free application, but if you’re bothered by ads you can remove them, but then it is necessary to buy the application ($ 0.99).

Also, once you install an application, App 2 SD notifies you if the newly installed application may be moved or not in the card.

Their interface is simple, the top being 3 tabs: On Phone, On SD card and On Phone only. On selecting the Phone tab, App 2 SD will list all applications installed on the phone and can be moved to memory card. On SD card lists all applications that are installed or removed.

You can download App 2 SD from here.

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