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Sep 21

There seems to be a new mobile operating system war so soon. Here’s a new attack that can affect to market.

As we know Vodafone was working on a mobile platform based on LiMo; but they couldn’t success. But now this situation is a bit different nowadays. Although there are some open source mobile operating systems, big rivalry in the market will encourage increasing this number.

There will be a new member from European Operators to mobile operating systems like Brew, Bada soon. Vodafone, France Telekom – Orange, Telefonica, Deutche Telekom are preparing for a meeting under a same roof.

European GSM giants are planning to design their own mobile system. There isn’t enough information about system’s features, plans and targets yet; but it’s not hard to guess that this operating system will really effect to market and will be a threat for the others.

Let’s see what is next.

Sep 08

South Korea firm Samsung has introduced Galaxy Tab in IFA technology fair in Berlin. Galaxy Tab is a multimedia tablet which’s supposed to be a rival of Apple iPad.

New tablet is smaller and lighter than its rival. It’s like a cell phone weight.

Device can be used as a portable computer, movie and mp3 player, gps and more. You can easily take photos, read magazines or books online. Galaxy Tab can also be used as a 3G cell phone.

It has a place between smart phone and multimedia tablet pc, and works with Google Android.

Although Galaxy Tab will be on the markets in the middle of September in Europe and England, its price isn’t clear yet. Its 16 and 32 GB models are supposed to be 700-800 Euro in Europe.

Everyone is waiting for Samsung’s new device impatiently.

Sep 01

Samsung has started to release its 4G Phone, Epic.

Here’re Samsung Epic 4G’s technical details: 1 Ghz hummingbird processor, super AMOLED screen, slide QWERTY keyboard, 16 GB memory and more. No, we are talking about Samsung’s new smart phone, not a netbook or a tablet pc.

This phone also has a special feature; Mobile WiMAX supported 4G communication protocol.

Samsung’s new phone Epic 4G has realeased on 30th August in USA. Device can be bought for only $250 with a service provider contract named Sprint.

From now on, we are waiting for Epic’s effects to market.